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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
If you plan on training and only training you probably won't be moving anywhere anytime soon...

You still have years and years of training before you should even consider going pro mate...

When you start off at age 15 a bigger promotion (Not SF or UFC) is very unlikely, but if it were to happen for you it's still at least 9-10 years away...

Making it into SF or UFC is a one in a million chance, it's like winning the lottery... Of the few hundred fighters employed by Zuffa ATM, tens of thousands don't make it...

Look at how many people show up for TUF auditions, 5-800 people each and every time... And that's just in the states...

My advice to you is - stay in school, get an education and let MMA be a hobby - seriously

Great advice!

Personally, I wouldn't get too hung up on being a 'UFC Fighter' and just train hard, learn Boxing/Thai/BJJ/Wrestling. Compete in local shows if you want but at the age of 15, you NEED to get a good education. there is no reason why you cant train hard AND study hard at the same time.

You are young, just enjoy your training. When you are a bit older, maybe the oportunity to fight on bigger shows/ for bigger orgs may arrise but dont expect it to just come to you. you are gonna have to seriously put the work in.

good luck though.
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