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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Do you have the same opinion of other basic instincts?

Having sex to procreate is Noble. what about trophy hunting. Or just doing it for no reason?

Hurting someone else for self defense is OK what about hurting people just for sport?

Like many people have tried to say, hunting serves a purpose and has a place. saying something you've never tried is for little penises makes me curious.
what do you do for fun?
I think trophy hunting would be closer to raping someone. It accomplishes nothing except the hunters own pleasure and the recipient, who has no say in the matter, gets ****ed/shot.

Two people having consensual sex leaves both people happy (sometimes), so I really think that bis a bad comparison.

Uh, not sure what self defense has to do with anything. Two people who consent to fight can do it as much as they want, of course.

I was half joking about the little penis comment (I added a more lighthearted sentence after because I realized it seemed harsh). I have not actually "hunted" but for many years I was an avid fisherman. I don't do it as much anymore because I like to eat what I catch now.

I also did say I agree with the quote that states when hunting for food or to control population I recognize the need to hunt. But I still reserve the right to think that shooting something awesome just you can have it dead as a trophy is selfish and immature. Animals are much more beautiful alive.

Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
There was probably thirty of them in the tree above the corn pile that is for the deer. Get tired of seeing them eat it but was more interested in whether or not I could hit him tbh.

Just dialed in the scope the previous weekend and plan to bag some squirrels once the snow is flying. Had to make sure I'm on target. The second one was just to show off cause he was way out there

My gun is like the top one. It's a shootin' sumbitch.

Had to settle for this small pic...
Nice pellet gun. Looks a lot more real than mine does. I can't shoot pretty birds though.

mad props: Toxic
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