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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Natural selection has nothing to with that, although it is a common misconception. Natural selection is a key concept in evolution that refers to biological traits either becoming more or less common in an organism based on their functionality.

Like the first creature to develop primitive lungs, for example.

Plus, I am pretty sure hunting stopped being a challenge when we invented the snipe rifle, so i'm not really we need to determine if we are dominant or not over a tiny cat.

What you are thinking of is called "survival of the fittest".
Bold 1. That "tiny cat" could easily kill him with its claws and teeth if properly motivated to do so. Those are its natural bodily componnets which make it a dominant predator. Humans do not possess such equipment, however, humans do possess intellect and instinctive rapid adaptivity (also aposeable thumbs ). Which is why they have guns. If you take away a humans gun, you must also take away a bobcat's claws and fangs.

Bold 2. You're correct, I've sadly made a fool of myself by not remembering that distinction.

The fact is the only way to remain "the fittest" is to ensure nothing anywhere as sufficient numbers to challenge that claim, even accidentally.

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