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Im not much of a hunter. I've shot at deer before, as I say, not much of a hunter. I've skinned a few deer that others have killed, cooked and ate venison before. But if I don't plan on eating it I usually won't shoot it. Growing up my parents told me I had to eat anything I killed. I think that is generally a good policy. If I saw a wild bob cat prowling about my place, I'd probably kill it. Mostly because it's dangerous and there are children around. It's the same with an aggressive dog really.

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
If you have ever eaten at KFC or Burger King then you are a cruel disgusting hateful inhumane POS asshole.

You need to learn to respect the animals you eat like Hunters do.
It's wrong and immoral.. But it's just so damn tasty

for the record, matt Hughes is still a dick


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