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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Bobcats aren't hunted for food. They are hunted to control the population because they are a nuisance and expense to farmers. Their fur is valuable. Ever own any fur?

I only showed the videos and mentioned KFC to make my point that except for the true vegetarians (how many we got?) this thread is full of hypocritical nancy boys.

dead is dead. Killing is killing. That Bobcat has no preference on whether he is eaten or skinned for his pelt or stuffed.

I used to hunt. Then I spent awhile hunting with a camera. I don't like to kill anything anymore it's just an excuse to be in the woods. But it is part of our nature as much as liking sex. Some people feel the urge to hunt as much as you feel the urge to breed. It comes from the same place and one is as wrong as the other.

People who express shock and disgust at this before they go to the fridge and make a cold cut sandwich are funny.

And maybe a little sheltered.
I cerainly agree that there are double standards and hypocracy, but then again you can almost point to any thing in this world and find some hypocracy in it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think hunting is wrong, quite the contrary it is part of our history and we are in some ways wired to do it. My main issue is when people do it just for the sake of killing and not for any other purpose. The legal part I could care less about. Just because something is legal doesn't make it just, just like if something is illegal it doesn't make unjust.

Nature is without competitor when talking about ecobalance and if there are too many of a particular species that means that it isn't a matter of ecology but rather a matter of overextension. Man has every right to defend himself and his family and if an animal is encroaching on his property and threatens his and their safety then he has the right to kill the animal. That doesn't contradict my first statement however.

If you asked me if I eat a burger from time to time, I would say yes. Am I aware that these animals go through hell to make it into our supermarket. You bet. It's caused me to become vegetarian twice. Once when I was 12 and shocked at a documentary that my father showed me (didn't eat for 3 months until the smells of flesh got the best of me). And the second time when I was 23 and became a vegetarian for 2 years before my girlfriend threatened to leave me because she was worried about my failing health (I was one of those bad vegetarians, didn't eat right) and losing 20 pounds.

Do I feel guilty, yeah sometimes. Am I better than Hughes in that respect, probably not. At least I'm honest.

BTW I wasn't trying to single you out, just commented on the killing just for entertainment part.

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