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Like alot have also said in this thread, bobcats are over populated. Im going to throw out some basic points.

1. Hunting is LEGAL.
a. There are hunting seasons, and you know why there is hunting seasons? So animals don't go extinct and dont overpopulate. (yes people do hunt out of season but it is illegal and it is a federal offense. They can take your truck, your gun, your licenses, a few grand as a fine, and you can also serve jail time.

2. "Trophy sport."
a. Just because its mostly a trophy sport does NOT mean there is something wrong with it. Like said in the above post, there is seasons and hunting out of season is wrong because ur no longer keeping the animals from over populating. Who cares if you enjoy doing it for fun if your actually helping the ecosystem?

3. Eating your kills
a. Most hunters actually do eat their kills. Or the sell the meat to someone who will eat them.

Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
This. I don't have to agree with anything just because it is legal. I certainly feel that hunting for food is not only a good practice but a very noble one as well. Trophy hunting is for guys with small dicks. Unless you use a sword and bow and arrow.
Alot of people do use "bow and arrow". There is an early season for bow and arrow and it's i guess you could say, more challenging.

And by the way, whoever said "hunting is easy" completely knows nothing about the sport. Yeah u see squirrels all the time by your house, u might seem some ducks, deer, a random bobcat/coyote, but when these animals are in the wild, it's completely different. They are VERY skidish. If a deer catches your scent, it won't come by you. If u dont have a dog and your squirrel hunting, you better hope u got a scope on your .22 or its gone if you miss. These animals also have naturally camouflage which makes them harder to find. Hunting by no means is "easy". It takes alot of patience, a good shot, and something most of you aren't man enough to do on a daily basis, getting up before the sun comes up so you can get ur spot before someone else does (Not saying you guys don't, it's just the generation we are living in doesn't get up before 10 in the morning unless they have to and by all means try to get a job that doesnt involve them having to get up early. Lazy scums. It hasn't always been like that.)

EDIT : If it wasn't for "hunting" the human race would not be here. So stop yer bitchin, wether its trophy hunting or not, its in our blood and there is NOTHING wrong with legally hunting.
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