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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Please point out where that retard in the video even "throws a haymaker with enough force" to hurt a fly? Execute a perfect jab? The guy couldn't execute a perfect anything other than run into fist. This is the awesome instinctual striking you claim every guy has? And trust me, I've seen worse in real life.

And even if everyone did know how to throw these mythical powerful KO haymakers of yours, you realize how easy it is to block them? When all a guy can do is throw from side to side. All you have to do is keep your arms up and you'll never git hit, because the guy has zero variation.

You're a fragile deluded guy with no recourse but "troll" for anyone who obviously shows the holes in your delusion.
Don't you have "video's" to go watch lmfao. Well I can understand if you question some new guy about practical experience or credibility but you can look Jim up, he was one badass mofo, don't believe me I guess no skin off my back.

"I fear no man, but Jim Harrison and Mike Stone are the two last men that I would wish to meet in an alley fight. Jim Harrison's fighting style is not flamboyant or spectacular, it's just simple and deadly!" - Bruce Lee
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