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Chacrit School

Hi Konstantin,

Happy New Year to you.

Sorry I don't have any spare cash to help you but I can tell you about the school, at least a little bit.

I go to Chacrit for personal coaching. I'm an old guy and out of shape who just does it for fitness a couple of times a week. For me it is perfect, the school if good for novice and the instructors very nice.

It is also very close to where I work on Sukumwit Road in Central Bangkok.

It is a very small gym often with 1-on-1 training or small groups of 3-4 students. Unlike many gyms its indoors too, not just a covered roof but with walls as well!

I think if you want to train seriously, daily for one year with an ed visa it would be worth asking the school what the fee is. They also have accomodation and transport from a house (maybe the owner's home, Khun Chacrit, not sure) which could be good value.

Inside Bangkok you will find bigger gyms where good current Thai fighters train (at Chacrit I've never seen serious Thai students)maybe like Ingram or Fairtex gyms .... and there are lots of others you can find on Google. Just type in Muay Thai Bangkok.

Outside of Bangkok the cost of living is cheaper and their are good gyms where foreigners go in Chiang Mai and Phuket.

This is a Chiang Mai one well known but must be lots of others ....

Hope this helps you a bitand good luck with your dream.


ps. It is illegal to work when here on a student visa but some people manage to. Not sure doing what but it might help with your $.
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