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Why Womens MMA Needs Ronda Rousey More Than Ever.

While the UFC and mens MMA in general has seen continued strides in wide spread acceptance as a sport womens MMA has largely struggled along having difficulty being seen as more than a fringe niche novelty act. In its infancy Gina Carano appeared as the standard flag bearer for the division and carried it well. Despite not being the best fighter her combination of skill and good looks drew attention to a division that was in desperate need of it. Once it had that attention she was mauled and passed that torch to Cyborg whose viscous attacks and unfeminine looks made womens mma to a level where it was no longer stereotyped in the same league as the lingerie bowl. Now while it has been seen that women can be beaten bloody and accepted by some it is still not on the same level of acceptance as there male counterparts. Enter Ronda Rousey. Just as in the early days of the UFC Dan Severn showed up with legit credentials that helped legitimize the sport of MMA, Rousey can in turn do that for Womens MMA. The thing is if you talk to people who don't follow womens MMA and you talk about women fighting one of two images will come to there mind. Hot scantly clad women having a catfight or two big ugly Sasquatches clobbering each other. Rousey can change that image because if you say women Olympian the pretty well groomed athlete comes to mind. If your an olympian people assume you have skills and people don't hold the same make the same pre-made assumptions about female olympians as they do female fighters. She can single handily legitimize the sport of womens MMA. Gina brought it attention, Cyborg proved it can be more than a catfight but with Cyborg's failed steroid test more than ever womens MMA needs Rousey if they want to become legit.

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