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Round 1 - Referee Chris Tognoni oversees this welterweight affair. Legere takes the center and starts quickly with his jab. Spang moves and defends well, but when he fires a kick, Legere catches, elevates and slams him to the floor. Spang works to full guard and briefly threatens with an armbar, but Legere defends and pulls free, remaining in top position. Legere working short punches and elbows from the top, but Legere is holding him down and stopping any real elevation. Halfway in, and Legere stands to advance. Spang initially keeps him away, but Legere pushes the legs aside and takes side control. Legere tries to step over into mount, but Spang catches the limb and keeps it in half-mount. Spang then scrambles again and gets full guard. Tognoni offers a warning to stay busy. Spang trying hard to tie things up underneath, but Legere peppers the ribs. Spang finally kicks Legere off with 45 seconds left, but the action is quickly back into the clinch. Spang grabs a guillotine and falls to the floor, but time expires. sees the first for Legere, 10-9.

Round 2 - Legere takes the center, but Spang strikes first with a quick combination. Legere moves close again, and Spang launches a leaping knee that seems to connect. Nevertheless, Legere catches his opponent and slams him again to the floor less than 30 seconds in. Legere looking to score points from top position. Spang striking more of a defensive posture from his back, seemingly looking for a standup by stalling on the bottom. Spang does see an opening to look for another armbar, but Legere easily pushes the legs aside and works to advance position. Spang scrambles underneath and regains full guard. Two minutes remain, and Tognoni calls for a stand-up. The longer Spang comes out punches, but a missed spinning backfist sees Legere close the distance yet again and move into the clinch. Legere wraps the body, lifts his opponent into the air and slams him to the canvas yet again. Final minute. Legere in half-mount. He's trying to work his leg free, but Spang defends well. Less punches coming from Legere right now, but he'll finish the frame in top position and take the second on the card, 10-9.

Round 3 - Spang looking to strike as the final round opens. Legere slips a punch and shoots in but comes up short. Spang lands an overhand right, but Legere keeps moving forward. Spang flashes a high kick and again shucks off a Legere takedown attempt. Spang lands an overhand right. Uppercut sneaks under Legere's defense. Spang pouring it on, but Legere again inside and scores a trip takedown. Two minutes in, and Spang is on his back, which has not been his best position thus far. Legere grinds away from the top, but Tognoni gets them back on the feet. Spang opens again with crisp strikes. Legere covering up well, but some of the punches are sneaking through. Legere drives forward and wraps the body, scoring another takedown. Legere again not really busy on top and Spang scrambles free. On the feet, Spang stuffs a takedown and scrambles to the back. Rear-naked choke is on, but Legere turns into the hold and pulls his neck free. SPang is running out of time in the final minute, and Legere actually sweeps to the top. He gets mount to finish in an intriguing scramble to close. sees the final round for Spang, 10-9, but gives Legere the fight, 29-28. Ricky Legere def. Chris Spang via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

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