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Round 1 - Referee Herb Dean oversees the night's final prelim. Terry lands an early low kick Terry moving well, but Burrell scores his ow low kick. Terry scores with a right hand up top. Terry misses on a superman punch and eats a counter. Terry finally shoots in, and Burrell defends against the cage. Terry keeps pushing in and finally scores the takedown. Burrell quickly tries to get his back to the cage, but Terry is keeping his legs wrapped. Burrell defending well underneath and not taking much damage, and he finally works up to his feet. Terry stays wrapped to his leg and scores another takedown. Terry briefly in mount, but Burrell scrambles out and to his feet again. Still, Terry refuses to give him any space and works his opponent to his knees. Terry sees an opening and slides around to the back. Burrell prevents any submissions and works again to his feet. Burrell scrambling and defending well int the final minute, but Terry has been just smothering with his wrestling thus far. Round finishes in the clinch before a quick flurry. sees the first for Terry, 10-9

Round 2 - Terry opens with a surprising head kick. Burrell trying to keep his distance, and he is able to fire off a three-punch combo. Terry still not taking much damage on the feet, and he lands a crisp right hand before taking the fight to the floor yet again. Burrell again quickly scrambles to his butt, but Terry stays tight and transitions around to the back. Burrell again shows the ability to defend and get to his feet. Burrell tries to strike from distance and use his reach advantage, but Terry is holding his own on the exchanges. Three minutes into the round. Burrell kicks to the leg, Terry throwing a few wild shots, but Burrell is starting to score a little more frequently with technical striking. Final minute, and Terry dives in for a takedown. It's defended well, but a second effort sees Burrell again on his back. Burrell works up in the closing seconds, but sees the round for Terry, 10-9.

Round 3 - Water and ice on the ground in Burrell's corner causes a brief delay to open. Dean gets it dried up and we resume. Touch of gloves to open. Burrell starts southpaw but quickly switches back and looks to stalk on the feet. Burrell seems energetic enough to open, and he finds a home for some powerful punches. Terry retreating and avoiding as best he can, but Burrell gaining some momentum. Burrell avoids a takedown and lands a knee. Lead uppercut for Burrell. He's scoring, but he's also not quite going for broke. Terry circling and jabbing. Burrell stalking and lands more straight punches, as well as a knee. He kicks the legs and lands a crisp left. Halfway into the round, and Burrell needs to push. He takes a deep breath in the center of the cage. Terry pops a few jabs, but his striking success has dropped tremendously. Burrell walking forward but he's running out of time. Overhand punch sees Terry stagger. Another punch lands clean as well. Final minute, and Burrell is in control on the feet, but he may let Terry off the hook. Terry dives in for a takedown, and while Burrell defends well against the cage, he's letting the fight slip away. Burrell tries to grab Terry's neck as he falls to the ground, but he can't final bell. sees the final round for Burrell, 10-9, but awards Terry the fight, 29-28. Second round was closest of three and could potentially make things interesting. Nah-Shon Burrell def. James Terry via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28).

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