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Round 1 - Main card underway, and referee Steve Mazzagatti is in the cage for this welterweight bout. Southpaws move forward, and Stinson takes the center. Saffiedine does the first damage with a low kick and avoids Stinson's wild punches. Low kicks traded. Stinson in the center, but Saffiedine managing the range better to open. Saffiedine high kick blocked. Saffiedine chopping the legs, and Stinson reaches forward with punches. Saffiedine showing good movement early ad avoiding most of the strikes. Two minutes in. Saffiedine circling near the cage but landing more frequently than his opponent. Overhand right lands for Saffiedine, and he puts a high kick behind it. Front kick to the body for Saffiedine. Clinch against the cage, and Saffiedine circles off. He lands a big shot as they break, and Saffiedine staggers back. Stinson charges forward, but Saffiedine recovers well and scrambles to top. Stinson looks for an armbar, but Saffiedine slips free and return to the feet. Saffiedine looks to have recovered well, but Stinson tags him with four mote punches, and he staggers again. Stinson unloading in the final minutes. He's definitely doing damage. Saffiedine survives until the bell, but gives Stinson the round, 10-9.

Round 2 - Stinson stalking again to open, but Saffiedine does a good job of staying away and avoiding any early shots. Saffiedine high kick lands, but Stinson is unfazed. Stinson lands his own high kick, and he rushes forward with punches shortly after. Stinson patient as he moves forward. Saffiedine surprises with a takedown, pushing Stinson across the cage before dropping him to the canvas. Halfway in, and Stinson recovers guard with his head against the cage. Saffiedine lands a few short punches from the top, but he's not doing a ton of damage. Saffiedine defending well from his back, but he hasn't shown much of a counterattack from his back. One minute left. Mazzagatti watching close, but Saffiedine's short punches are apparently enough to keep the fight on the floor. Stinson now bleeding, and it looks like he's going to finish on his back. Saffiedine not overwhelming from top position, but he spent a lot of time there, and he takes the round on the card, 10-9.

Round 3 - Early shot to the cup from Saffiedine, so we have a quick break. Stinson takes some time before he restarts. Saffiedine immediately kicks the inside of the leg. He then kicks high sand scores another takedown. Stinson active from his back and looks for an opening for an armbar, but Saffiedine pulls free and settles into his opponent's guard. Just one minute in, but Stinson struggled here in round two. He rolls briefly for a kimura, but it's not there. Saffiedine settles in on top and is riding the position. Mazzagatti watching as sections of the crowd beg for a stand-up. Saffiedine not extremely busy from the top, but Mazzagatti lets them fight on. Stinson's head against the cage, but he's been unable to work his way up the cage. Saffiedine stands briefly in an attempt to pass, but he settles right back into guard. Blood seeping out of Stinson, and Mazzagatti finally stands them with a little more than a minute. Stinson stalks to open the restart, and he's looking for a big shot He lands a glancing high kick and a few punches. Saffiedine retreating and lands a counter. Exciting finish with Stinson hoping to woo the judges. doesn't think he did enough and gives the third to Saffiedine, 10-9, earning him the fight 29-28. Tarec Saffiedine def. Tyler Stinson via split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28).

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