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Originally Posted by RustyRenegade View Post
You aren't man enough to hold Teds saggy ballsack. If you had grown up away from the city like he did you would have a completely different outlook.

If anyone in this thread has had a buck in the sights of their rifle or bow you would know how it feels to kill an animal that size.

I hit my first deer in the neck with a 12 gauge slug from less than 20 feet and the sound he made when he hit the ground was basically fantastic. The adrenaline rush was something that can't be described.

We smoked the loins and mixed the rest with pork sausage. Cooked that with taters and onions over the campfire for breakfast. Delicious
Ted Nugent is a draft-dodging pos coward. He has no problem fencing animals with an IQ of 20 and shooting them with a gun, but put him up against another human with a gun and thats too much for the ******* yokel. Yeah, a REAL man's man. Complete coward, but I totally understand why you idolize him though.

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Is it really so much worse than the enjoyment people get from pretending to kill each other in video games? Do people getting excited by the idea of killing people make you physically ill?

I know you gamers are all bunched up now. you're thinking "but that's not real"

explain to me why you and millions of others aren't enjoying a game where you build things or negotiate diplomacy?

Where is "MODERN DIPLOMACY 3" ??

The biggest difference I see between a hunter and a gamer is a hunter gets off his ass and out of the house.

That and hunters seem to be more honest about their nature.
Back to the Goler clan for you. Comparing real killing to video game killing if stupid, even for the product of two siblings messing around like yourself.
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