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Originally Posted by MCDOJO101 View Post
So wrestling is more about positioning and jiu jitsu is more about joint locks and submissions?
I would argue Jitsu is more about the transitioning of position where the goal is to work your way into a position where you can take a submission, common techniques we see all the time in MMA fights is the passing of guard in to half guard. side control and mount, but there is a lot more to it than just that, wrist control for example can open huge opportunities when rolling with an opponent.

Wrestling is more about pinning your opponent down and locking them down so they are unable to transition to improve position, with the added addition of GnP wrestlers are given the options they need in order try and finish the fight and keep the fights active and the ref's happy so they don't get stood back up, but in its most pure form the goal for a wrestler would just be LnP.

Originally Posted by MCDOJO101 View Post
Then wouldn't wrestling be more dominant? I'm not saying it is , but let's say it's bjj vs wrestling. If wrestling gets the dominant position, how is bjj supposed to do submissions?
Well I guess wrestling is more dominant in MMA I am sure if you where to work stats you could find evidence to support this claim, in the hypothetical situation where you had Pure Perfect Jitsu vs Pure Perfect Wrestling then I guess the Wrestler would win by simply locking his opponent down making him unable to make the transitions, but here in the real world its down to the fighetr and how well they use there grappling skill sets.

I would argue that given a Gi the tables would turn in favour of Jitsu and more wrestlers would be submitted from the bottom and there would more sweeps, hence I would give the edge to Jitsu wearing a Gi without question.

But then I would also argue that given a Gi the 3rd and less common grappling technique would stand tall if fighters where allowed to wear Gi's been Judo, this claim is backed up heavily when you look over into the world of Sambo which to explain very simply is very similar to MMA except in competitive Sambo the fighters all wear Gi's, and in Sambo Judo is the main power over wrestling and most if not all Top class Sambo fighters are also Black Belts in Judo.

In fact I believe this will be the nest step forward in the development of MMA, all fighters are already training in working with Wrestling and Jitsu as one in order to develop there MMA grappling skills, I believe that camps should start working out what good they can take from Judo without the Gi and start moving forward there on forms of non-Gi Judo, in fact I believe its something already in the development stage in some camps as we are starting to see some fighters use Judo techniques within there MMA grappling skill set, like what Jimmy Hettes did the other week in his outstanding performance over Nam Phan, his combined MMA grappling skill set was one of the best mixes of BJJ, Wresting and Judo I have ever seen, would love to see him go up against someone like Fabar or Mendes whos grappling skill sets are very much leaned over towards the wrestling base.

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