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Originally Posted by rygu View Post
You did not receive childish insults, you received accurate observations.

To answer your question, do people really enjoy killing in video games, or do they just have fun moving a mouse/joystick with a crosshair on the screen shooting pixelated people? I don't play CoD, I play sports games and the GTA series. It has nothing to do with the "killing" its just a fun game to be played to test your reflexes and patience. I have more fun in high-speed chases in GTA then I do shooting people.
A straight forward answer almost free of childish digs. Congratulations and thank you.

I don't think you are typical of gamers.

When I search for the best selling games for Xbox 360 or playstation 3 for this year or all time I never get more than 3 sports games in the top 10 and never higher than 6. All of the others are focused on killing. Except grand theft auto.

I would bet that hunters play more real sports than gamers play pretend ones. judging from sales, overwhelmingly Gamers prefer to pretend to kill.

Why do you think that is?

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