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I don't mean to single out gamers although I think a little introspection on your own base instincts couldn't hurt.

here is a quote from Conservation magazine in 2004.

On the average day in Michigan, a car brings down a deer once every eight minutes. In 2002, more than 100 black bears died on North Carolina roads. And in a single month, a sampling of road kill in just five states counted 15,000 dead reptiles and amphibians, 48,000 mammals, and 77,000 birds.
I wonder how many people in this thread who express hate and contempt for Matt and such Noble concern for innocent animals drive a car?

all of that death just so that you aren't inconvenienced by mass transit or even car pooling.

People like you make me physically ill.

Take a bus for the sake of your own humanity.

edit: @ rygu, must obey the sticky notes. I put a smily face on it that might help. might not.

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