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Originally Posted by rygu View Post
Yes because it was the car's fault on all 40,000 deaths right? Please, I bet negligence accounted for most of those. You should be smarter than that.
And if those people had not been driving a car what would their negligence have caused then? If they were negligent while riding a bus for example?

sorry y’all, I know my posts are confusing. I’m senile remember.

I’m just painting myself a mental picture of these people who hate Matt Hughes so much.

I see them running over bambi and leaving him on the side of the road on their way home from their job at the toxic spewing turd factory. Then, they spend the next 4 hours ignoring their family while they pretend to kill people and mythical creatures on Xbox. Then, they enjoy some buffalo wings that lived a life and died a death too horrible to describe while they jump on the wide world of web and call Matt a “religious f*ckhead” because (A) that's just all the vocabulary they have and (B) they think that qualifies as an informed opinion that others would be interested in hearing from them because they haven't heard it from a thousand other uninformed mental midgets..

Not a pretty picture.

Time for my meds.

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