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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
I think it's sad that people actually support Diaz.
You "JUST BLEED" crowd need to go watch a Jason Statham movie marathon and get all the testosterone out of your system. The fact that people can find an excuse for Diaz's behavior absolutely baffles me.

He's done absolutely nothing to deserve any of the success he's had. Actually, he's done the OPPOSITE. Therefore, I root for Diaz to fail, because I will certainly never root for a low quality person like him to succeed.
Can someone neg this idiot for me? I need to spread the rep more before I can.

In saying all of this Ari, you are infact proving to us that you are a "low quality" person.

I know you probably can't see this cos i think i'm on your ignore list but: What do you think of a man born in Somalia? Is he a horrible person that doesn't deserve anything in life because he was born into a life of poverty and violence?

No, he's a victim of circumstance, as is Nick Diaz. He clearly has some social issues, he was born and brought up in the USAs highest crime area and I don't think he finished middle school.

Why don't you take your hat off to someone less fortunate than you that has actually succeeded in life? You don't have to be a heinous, judgemental b.itch all the time.

Every time i hear you say Nick Diaz is scared, i want to get your head checked for sanity.

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