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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
Throw Diaz in Jail. Hell give him the death penalty. He obviously is a terrible individual. Better yet lets send him to a cell and torture him.

If people would scrutinize themselves 1% that they do Diaz, people would be better off.

It is funny how a guy is rude and has given a few middle fingers and it is terrible. Yet all these people have done wrong things in their lives as well. Probably gave a few middle fingers in their lives.

Oh, I envy you all I guess. So many perfect people on the board.
No one is claiming to be perfect.

No one here signed up for a job where media work is half of the job, Diaz knew what he was getting into when he wanted to be an MMA Fighter, he ran from the press conferences and now he's apparently ran from the countdown crew if this story is true.

People need to realize, you may not care about the PR junk but promotion is fifty percent of combat sports, you have to hype and promote these fights, it's always been like that and always will. Diaz needs to do his job.

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