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Finally I can say the first day of class is over.

I woke around 6:15am this morning did 100 standing situps, showered ate a 1300 calorie meal, some apple turnovers you bake and 2 pints of milk, plus a green-tea pill.

Lunch was a hot-dog, some fries, some spaghetti, alfredo suace, some carrots, a few cherry tomatoes, and a slice of garlic bread with a pint of water. Plus the 2nd green tea pill of the day.

Dinner was some shrimp mom made, and a baked potato and another pint of water.

Through the day I went through 6 liters of water. I intend to keep this up through the class so I can start flushing fat my instructor says.

About 9pm I finished my studies and went and did 400 standing situps, my core is a bit tight and my back slightly sore but it's a good days workout. The biggest thing that's been neglected has been my core strength.

I Need to power back into my high level core condition that aided me so well in bjj.

It hurt like **** today trying to take a rubber glove off...not sure how I'll fair when it comes to the damn gait belts (transfer-belts)...lord knows that I need this job so I'll find a way.

If i had to estimate today I took in at least 3 thousand calories, and 6 liter of water. I am not sure what my current calorie burn is but I think I'm around a good zone for right now.

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