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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
You crack me up too much.

You have a problem with me insulting you....but you manage to try to insult me when you are talking to someone else.

Reap what you sew. Deal with it.

Wow, you have a tough job, reply from work huh? LOL. Diaz ain't updating his twitter during training. He is a much more productive member of his community than you obviously.
Just when I didn't think you could be any more dumb you manage to top yourself. Imagine that.

My job is pretty tough and comes with daily risks. I can even say it comes with far more risks than Diaz or any other UFC fighter faces in a day at work. Also, my job is based around community service.

I own a home, car, and pay my taxes. I have a degree and live in a nice area. I'm an independent productive member of society who's damn proud of what I've accomplished at a pretty young age. I worked hard for my success and I earned every bit of my life. I have no pity when I see people bitch at their circumstances.

Since you are so obsessed with my personal life, I would like to know a bit about yours. Given your posts I doubt you've even graduated high school.

Also, you obviously never looked up Ad Hominem did you?

You should be fined.
Lulz. I'll let my boss know right away.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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