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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
Look man, i'm upset about Diaz not making the press conference too, and i'm upset if he didn't come to the Countdown filming aswell but that is only because of the consequences involved. I think Dana went a little overboard with removing GSP vs Diaz TBH.
He might have. In the end it doesn't matter because of the injury. If anything it would have just left Diaz without a partner rather than Condit.

Dana said he had a meeting with Diaz and told him he needed to play the game. He didn't. He should have known Dana wasn't messing around. Dana had to send a message as well.

Yes a child molester should take responsibility for their actions, and yes Diaz should take responsibility for not showing up, but i want the punishment to fit the crime.
If you're the boss, you can't let your employees know that things like that are acceptable. It was a little harsh, but someone needs to be harsh with Diaz. His whole **** everyone but me attitude can only pay off for so long.

Sorry I didn't mean that you said he was horrible, others have.

Yes robbers and murderers are victims of circumstance, they are not just victims of circumstance though, they are also f-ing idiots.
An argument can be made that Diaz is as well...

I mean blowing the biggest fight of your life all because you don't want to show up for a press conference is pretty damn stupid. Arguably idiotic.

I don't think Nick is that bad considering he comes from the same area as many of these robbers and murderers.
He could definitely be worse. Chances are if he wasn't so athletically gifted he would have been worse. I'm not saying Diaz is a common criminal. He does have the attitude of one though. Thats why I don't like him.

I love watching him fight. Both him and Nate. I wish they would just play the game a tad bit. I would definitely be a fan.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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