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Nice Rusty! now im getting mad again.... with move after move after move, my dad threw out my whole stash.... (granted yes i shoulda gone and gotten them from him, but still) i had my old Atari 2600 with probably 40-50 games (even the horrible horrible E.T. game), my NES with... god.... easily 70-80 games. and i know i had a box of Genesis games there that had probably 20-30 in there.... i do still have my Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, N64 and Game Cube. and i do sometimes still play the Genesis and Saturn....

and to all the 90's kids..... the 90's sucked.... 80's may have had weird ass fashion, but everything else about it was better!

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R.I.P. Evan Tanner, you will be missed....

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