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I'm drunk. BUT I will say this, you get these punching things in nightclubs and that over here, you punch them, and get a score measuring "punching power".

And they SUCK!

Last time I was there I got a shit score, even though I know I hit hard and threw it like Hendo with all my might. My brothers pal who hits like a wet noodle set a new highscore with this weird flail thing. I just don't get them or trust them.

If you could get it to be accurate so that horse shit doesn't happen and I can look like a man then awesome.

I'm drunk, good luck.

Editing to include you're wee thingy;

Why do you train? What is your biggest motivation? To begin with I done K-1 style kickboxing to get fit, now I want to compete in the most realistic combat sport available.

What is your biggest frustration or fear? Right now, an injury, like the one to my knee right now, that prevents or hinders me from training.

long term, getting beat, I'm hyper-competitive and want to win.

What are you trying to avoid by training? Being weak. I like being fit, strong and knowing that I am capable at something. it's all about feeling good at the end of the day.

What situation are you trying to prepare for? I recently made the world renowned "Shooters Fight Team" so next stage is get to fight.

What is one need would something like this satisfy for you? Would give (if possible) an accurate direct measure of power.

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