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Putting my extreme bias aside, I agree with most of you above me and still think the Giants will be making the super bowl and ultimately win it all. The Giants essentially shut out the Falcons and realistically beat the Packers 37-6. Their D is unstoppable right now and Eli is doing exactly what he does in every playoff game: perform. Eli is IMO the top dog QB in the NFL in the playoffs (4th in the regular season with peyton not there) and consistently proves it. With their running game finally going at full force, there is no weak area on this team (besides maybe Tynes the kicker).

Yes, the 49er's have the best D in the NFL. Stylistically, I fear the 49er's more than than any team other than saints who are now gone (woo!)BUT, you could make an argument that at this point, the giants D could very well match the 49er's D. The 49er's will have no passing game. Smith has a 5 step drop back, hes slow, and the 49er's O-line on passing situations is average at best. The front guys on the g-men will force the 49er's to run all day if they cherish Smith's life. Thing is, the Giants are coming off their best run D performance of the season. Other than Rodgers breaking free a few times, the packers had nothing. Alex Smith is no where near as capable as Rodgers on the feet If Frank Gore can't get it going, I in no way shape or form expect the 49er's to break into double digits scoring. If Eli can put up at least 10 against this tough D which I'm confident they can, The Giants will the conference champions.

Ravens/Patriots is an interesting match up. A match up the Pats SHOULD win but considering the postseasons the pats have had the past few years, The Ravens winning is not out of the picture.

Whoever wins I'll be happy with. If the Ravens pull through, the Giants can redeem their terrible Superbowl loss against them a decade ago. If the Pats pull through, the Giants will have another chance to shame one of my least favorite teams in the NFL on the biggest stage

I'd prefer the Pats winning. They have the 31st ranked D in the NFL. Sounds good to me and Eli i'm sure
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