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Super Fighter League - MMA India

India has FINALLY come together with its first real MMA league. I know Dana White has mentioned expanding into India eventually, but this new league will really put some light to perhaps train fighters in MMA for India.

A lot of people do not realize the potential India has for fighters. Various forms of martial arts has its origin's based in India (look up Boddhidharma, originator of Shaolin Kung Fu). Kushti (wrestling) is also very prevalent in India, dates back to 5 BC and may be a good base for Indian MMA fighters.

The sport is really in its infancy in India (think MMA in North America in the early 90's). I like the fact that they are going with the general rules that MMA in North America has, as well as using a cage as opposed to a boxing ring.

They have a prominent Bollywood actor who is acting as part owner/promoter so they should get plenty of press.

The first 'Main Event' is a little bit of a gong show with Bob Sapp/James Thompson, but the idea is to get people excited about fighting, and this will no doubt be a quick violent fight, as well as having some recognizible names.

I for one am excited to see the undercard, with a bunch of Indian fighters. I am hoping to see this sport really excel in India.
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