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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
In the past month we had two fighters getting busted for steroids. This was nothing new because we had seen it many times before over the years. Fighters takes these banned substances before a fight then get busted afterwards (before in Josh Barnett's case) after they get tested. My question is what the hell makes them think they will get away with it? They know the commission is going to test them and that their is a good chance they will get caught. Why take the risk?
They mostly get away with it, that's why they think they will. That's because testing practice isn't strict enough. There is only little random testing, so someone who cycles properly will likely slip through the testing grid.

As I suggested in another thread, if test-lab costs are too high for effective random testing, MMA orgs like the UFC should just collect urine (or blood) samples from every athletes several times a years (randomly), put these samples in a fridge and only test the samples when a fighter is actually going to fight. That way they would avoid the massive costs of effective random testing and still will have a higher probability to catch PED abusers.
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