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Originally Posted by DanTheJu View Post
Man, two of my favorite fighters! Extremely excited to see this one!

I am going to be pulling for Maia but would not be upset either way!

This time it is not the American Governments fault, it is Wikipedia's fault! Sure, our congress is looking into bills to help halt online piracy, but the bills that Wiki is concerned about and protesting with the black out have efectivly been killed by the President. So they are shutting down because of a law that never was!

At the end of the day, piracy needs to be addressed and it is congresses job to pass laws. These two laws were not looking like they were going to pass to begin with and are not pretty much dead because of Obama. That is exactly how government should work! Propose laws to stop a problem, if the laws cause other problems, scrap them and start over!

Finally they got it right!
It shouldn't be outside of revoking the legislation making it illegal since it removed an existing right for a bullshit reason. It is a protest to let them know that what they are doing is against the will of the people so they don't try this shit again.
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