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Originally Posted by MikeHawk View Post
I honestly thought both games were steaming piles. I was especially upset with EA. I was expecting something like Fight Night from them and all I got was an Undisputed clone with different fighters. They really dropped the ball on that one.
You're entitled to that opinion but I definitely disagree with you about Undisputed. EA... yeah they dropped the ball big time. If they had put the care into it that they did Fight Night it could have been something awesome. The roster still would have sucked but the game would have been sweet. As it is the game they gave us was the bastard child of Undisputed and Fight Night as designed by idiots.

Undisputed though was fun. To me. The grappling in particular was extremely fun. Good submission system that actually required skill to pull off. It felt by far the more realistic of the two to me.

That being said Fight Night Champion is probably the best actual fighting game I have ever played. Which is why I have a copy sitting next to my ps3.

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