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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
how about some reality reality.Still shakey. What a day.

I had a 52 year old, beer bellied, cigarette smoking, alcoholic get in my face and tell me he would kick my ass.


i hired a young kid to do some insulation in the crawl space under my fixer upper. He brought this fat old fart to help him.

Old guy comes back from lunch drunk and young guy fires him. Or tries to. drunk guy wonít leave.Heís demanding his money which young guy doesnít have until I pay him and I aint paying. I tell old guy he needs to leave and he gets right in my face and says ďIíll kick your ass too.Ē

I know most of you guys would have laughed at him but, Iím an old guy too and he was bigger than me. I was intimidated. Ö OK I was S C A R E D.

HOLY COW! i had forgotten how hard my adrenaline pumps! When I can feel my heart beat in my ears and my hands shake and I donít dare speak because I know my voice will crack, one of us is getting their ass kicked.

I punched him, tripped him and mounted him in Ĺ the time it takes to read this sentence.

He flopped and fought as hard as he could for about 30 seconds. Then he started crying ďI canít breatheĒ ďplease!Ē so, I got off of him.

He laid there and coughed and puked and cried for at least 5 minutes.
I was starting to feel really bad about the whole thing when he got his breath back enough to start threatening me some more.

Young guy drove him home and they left his truck ON MY PROPERTY!

I donít know whatís going to happen next but some way, some how, Iím sure Iíll be the one in trouble.

This is why I left the adult world to be a stay at home mom in the 1st place.
Wow man thats crazy stuff. Glad to hear you came out on top. Be careful tomorrow

Originally Posted by Andrus View Post
Yeahhh buddy! This was one of my favorite moments in shore

Can't see youtube here damnit!!

Originally Posted by Killstarz View Post

Has a new series started?

The new season is 3 eps deep!

Credit to M.C !!
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