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So, 135lbs vs 220lbs... The greatest Boxer in the history of Boxing, vs the first Mixed Martial Artist. Ali by brutal dominantion.

All Ali would have to do is lean into his jab and he'd be outside of Lee's kicking range. Ali would snap off jab after jab, and use his legendary footwork and head movement to stay away from Lee's kicks and possible takedown attempts. Lee's technical wrestling/JJ knowledge is kind of a mystery, his Judo was legit, but I'm not sure how effectively it would translate against someone so massively bigger, and a superior striker.

Frankly, I'd be surprised if Lee would make it out of the first round. Since this is MMA, its a 5 minute round. I can see Ali snapping off jabs, dropping his hands and laughing as Lee tries to crawl for a takedown, or jump into a clinch. Eventually Lee starts to get worn out by the barrage of jabs, eventually Ali gets bored and puts together a few 1-2 combos and turns off Lee's lights.

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