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Originally Posted by MikeHawk View Post
Not really. Just compared them side by side. All they improved was the lighting, camera work, and body proportions of the fighters. That's it. The game still looks like you're playing rock em sock em robots which is my biggest problem with the game.

I'm pretty biased when it comes to fighting games anyway. Fight Night has set the bar far too high.
Agreed. Out of all the MMA games, EA didn't do a terrible job, especially for their first kick at the can. They did a much better job than THQ (both UFC games) - and THQ is now on their third try.

And it does feel like rock-em-sock-em robots. There's no better way to describe it. EA MMA made a much more fluid game - I liked their attempt at the swing-stick (fight night) style controls, but I think it needs a little more work. I really hope EA decides to make another MMA game.

UFC seems to appeal to people who want to just mash a button and see flash KOs. You had to somewhat earn your flash KOs in EA MMA. I liked the submission game in EA MMA, but the ground and pound system felt weak. Not being able to posture up in half guard was disappointing, and damage in postured-up guard was weak.

A few fixes, some work to the swing stick and I really think EA would have a winner, but I think the UFC game would out-sell it due to the branding. Really unfortunate I think.

Originally Posted by jooshwa View Post
So true. Look at Madden one or two tweaks here and there and it all of a sudden "Best Sports Game of the Year" again. Their Basketball game got canned. Fight Night never changed till Fight Night Champions.

Plus EA turned down the UFC before the Undisputed series came out. They said MMA isn't a real sport.

Fight night got better with each game. I used to pick up NHL every year, there were typically a few new tweaks and features each year, but there were times when it felt like nothing more than a roster update too.

Personally, I think EA should just make a generic MMA game (no brand). EA MMA was liked for it's online play anyways, it wasn't being bought for it's Strikeforce/Dream branding. The game should just be based around making your character and competing online.

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