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Originally Posted by deadmanshand View Post
This is purely your opinion. I found EA MMA laughably bad. From it's button press grappling to it's gliding over ice movement to it's impossible to lose submission system.
Originally Posted by Spec0688 View Post
I feel the only thing EA MMA did good was the striking, it looked less robotic than what UFC brings. However, the majority of the game fell short when compared to UFC.

With that said, both games fell short in my books, and I ended up selling them. Hopefully this new one is good, and will actually be worth the price tag.
These things are simple fixes within the game that EA MMA already is.
-add different strike animations for different fight styles, and tweak speed/damage for each kind
-tweak the difficulty of submissions
-add some additional positions to ground game (posture-up half guard comes to mind)
-tweak damage in some of the ground positions.

It looks like THQ will need a whole new engine/game to make it not seem like your playing a video game version of rock em sock em robots.
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