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Just finished watching the 1st episode of season 2 (not 3 as in thread title, gods of arena wasn't a season by itself).
The feeling was really awkward towards the new guy playing Spartacus, but that would be unavoidable due to the circumstances and emotions driven by the death of Andy Whitfield (RIP).
That feeling slowly started to fade away and towards the end of the episode the the adversity towards the new guy had all passed away. I actually think he makes a good Spartacus, he's just a bit young for the part imo and reminds this mma fan of Sam Stout, but he delivered the intensity we were used to by the end of the episode.
I had forgotten how this show is brutal, had my spine cringing a few times due the very grafic scenes of bones breaking and guts being pulled from belly's.
Anyway, i'm glad the show it's back. The script seems to have structure to sustain a couple more of exciting seasons.

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