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Originally Posted by edlavis88 View Post

Sean McCorkle has signed with bellator for season 6. Should be a good test of where he is at.
He's fodder for a HW tourney, nothing more, nothing less. He definitely isn't a contender.

I hate when these ignorant people, like on FiveOuncesofPain, say every UFC reject is going to end up in Bellator and start mowing everyone down in their organization.

Firstly, Bellator is rather selective about which UFC cast-offs they sign long-term. A high majority of the time they needed to have been cut for disciplinary issues or unfairly.

Secondly, even in their heavyweight division, Bellator has at least 3 guys who would be good anywhere; Konrad, Big Monster, and Ivanov. That's not counting Grabowski, Prindle, Madsen (unjust UFC cut), Tony Johnson Jr., etc.; who are solid. McCorkle would be lucky to advance through one of those fighters, let alone 3. Even a Mark Holata level guy would be tough for him. Holata KO'ed Shawn Jordan in Bellator, Jordan was subsequently cut, and since has beaten Lavar Johnson in SF and has an upcoming fight in UFC.

There are plenty of former Bellator fighters who've looked solid in other organizations when given the chance like Masvidal, Herman, Stinson, James, Pineda, Jordan, Wallhead, etc. And outside of Herman, who didn't ever fight at a tourney level, none did all that well in Bellator.

This clown named David Castillo submitted a Bloody Elbow article about how Melvin freaking Guillard, a guy who should be 3-7 (got gift decisions vs. Tibau and Stephens) against current members of the UFC roster, would tool Chandler and Alvarez. That's rich. Unlike Mel, Alvarez beat their one common opponent in Neer who has fared pretty well in his comeback and Chandler is a good wrestler who has subbed the likes of Held and Alvarez, as if he couldn't get it done against Guillard who has lost 8 times by sub in the 1st round alone.

There's a mystique about being a UFC fighter, and that's why I make a killing betting on Bellator. Pellegrino was a favorite against Patricky Pitbull. lol

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