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I went through a 4 day internship at a local nursing-home.

After the 8.5 hours there on job I was spent, working with the elderly is hardly easy physically.

I am done with this part of my class, one more step bars my way until I start working with the home I did the clinical, which is a set of state tests.

I talked with two workers there and asked about the possibility of a flex weekend. They said if I really wanted the torture of 3-twelve hour days the home would oblige me more than likely.

Since I saw the Orthopedic I've been working on her rehab idea. I haven't felt as much pain since I injured the finger.
Her idea is to flex the hand straight, so the drop disappears when you flex the hand. I can't be certain how large of a drop I have but it's noticeable.

Today I started with 3 sets of 15 seconds, worked onto 3 of 30, 45,60, and 90.

I swear this is worse than being punched in the head. At least that pain is temporary.

I did some work on a simple combo drill tonight 25 sets of a 4 strike combo: jab, straight right, left hook, right roundhouse to the body. I was winded pretty bad with this.

I do have some good news, the rehab solution is allowing me to do shadow drill without pain into thin air glove less. I count this as a blessing.

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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