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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
Did i tell you guys that I hate this fight?

I do find it interesting that most people see Rashad doing better in the late rounds.

I was thinking the opposite. If Rashad doesn't get an early KO he's in trouble.

I recently rewatched Rashad vs Bisping and Rashad gassed pretty badly and got really sloppy in that fight. if he does that against Phil he'll get put on his back and stay there.

I can't remember cardio being an issue for Phil before. Am I forgetting?
The Rashad vs Bisping fight was years ago, mate. I think it's pretty notable that Rashad hasn't gassed in a fight since then. I agree though that it was probably the worst performance of Rashad's career, and that was down to his weak conditioning at the time as well as probably underestimating Bisping.

I've not seen Phil gas either, though. And while Rashad has never seen the 4th and 5th rounds, he has trained specifically for them before. He was prepared to go 5 rounds with Machida and his cardio looked like it was on a whole new level in the T.Silva and Rampage fights. Cleanly breathing through his nose at the end of that latter, as if he'd just done a warm up.

Phil's never had a big fight like this and he hasn't really been in that much trouble, although he he did show great adapting skills in the Lil Nog fight. But he hasn't had to fight somebody like Rashad who is going to not just defend the takedown and scramble, but have him on the offensive.
It's a tough fight for the bloke and I really am sorry White and Silva made it, but it's not his time and he's going to get beat up for the most part because he isn't as well rounded and he has very little confidence in his stand up.
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