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Yeah, if there is no sweet spot that you have to hit then it would be good, but would people end up using it like a bench press? I can hit (bench) this much...(where there is no real world application) I think that you should make it part of a whole work out bag, that logs your combinations.
One big punch is nice, but I'd rather know what I'm throwing, and how consistant I am.

for questions:

I train to lose weight and hope one day to actually get into fighting. My motivation is not ending up 40 with diabetes.

My biggest frustration/fear is letting myself down. I think that I have the potential to make a life change for myself. Also, I want to show my (step)son that even though his real dad is a quiter, that not all men are, trying to tie it into a good life lesson for him.

I'm trying to avoid finding the easy way out. For me training is punishment, and I'm learning to relish in it.

I'm preparing myself to live to my fullest potential. I've lived 29 years half-assing. Time to step up (motivated by my son).

If I were to purchase, it would be consistency.

The biggest thing is mma fighting, boxing, kickboxing, and thai boxing are not a one punch thing. I'm not Drago, I want to know that I can throw a good hard combo.
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