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Originally Posted by DJ Syko View Post
nah mate am sad to say your the fool for thinking that they cant, infact it would be quite easy for them ban the whole internet if they really wanted too.
I agree with you. Not on the closing down the net, but if the government wanted to they could fine and arrest A LOT of people. For instance, most of the times someone downloads a torrent, it can be tracked through your IP. That's how the MPAA "Motion Picture Association of America" and the RIAA "Recording Industry Association of America" sue people for downloading copyrighted products. If those two groups can do it, don't you think governments around the world can as well?

I'm no conspiracy nut, but if one day our governing bodies decided to crack down hard on pirated material, I can guarantee most end users who aren't technically inclined such as people who aren't programmers and elite hackers will not be able to download files as wildly as we can now. The way I see it, the internet is still in its infancy and the day the governments around the world decide to crack down on it, and crack down they will, our children and grand children will wish they grew up at a time free pirated downloads were common.

Then again, I could be completely wrong! lol

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