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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post

Yeah i get it. I was just responding him saying Boxers didnt have High Kicks in 09. But from my limited knowledge on the next two it seems to me that Boxers still dont have high kicks. Or is that Rampage specifically??

Personally.. every MMA fighter should be able to throw high kicks. Even though Rampage doesnt throw them often i am sure that he is capable of it. They should just make them weak or something.. possibly slow. Like he takes 2 half steps before he throws the kick because he isnt used to it or something of the sorts.
Yeah I pointed out the obvious there. I agree what you say about every fighter having the ability to hit high kicks. Hopefully it is something they'll sort out before the release of the full game. Our natural reactions would be to hit high kicks at some point and the fact that the L1 button just doesn't do anything for Rampage kinda sucks.

Also rep+ for just mentioning Earthworm Jim. The N64 game and cartoon was awesome.

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