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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Do you know if there is realistic leg damage in this game??? Like if you focus on damaging someones legs will his shot get weaker?? Will his punches lose power? ETC.?? I think that would be pretty cool if you can strategize to beat a wrestler by taking out the legs from underneath him. Aldo vs Faber style for example. It should affect alot of the actions since most everything you do you need your legs to put the power/speed in to it. Do you know if they did this or is it similar to UFC 09??? Also can we get a finish by a leg kick?? It should be rare but it should be possible since it has happened on more then one occasion.

I dunno... maybe im asking for too much. But i think being able to sprawl and leg kick a wrestler until his shot weakens a bunch would add a whole lot to the game. Cause then you can start letting lose and going for the finish. The idea seems so much fun in my head
there are leg kick TKOs man.. so yes, leg kicks are very important in slowing down a strong wrestler.

another sneaky new feature that i like is realistic combos, if you throw a jab or a left hook then a right kick, the kick will be more effective because you have a better pivot.

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