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Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
she would have a definite speed advantage against a 180-200lber and you should know it's very easy to slip peoples punches if they don't actually have any training. Punches are super telegraphed and she would probably duck a punch and take anyone without a wrestling base down with ease. Judo is suited well for a smaller opponent to defeat a larger, stronger opponent with technique and use of their momentum and your leverage, if they aren't KOed from the throw then they will be armbarred instantly.
Exactly; concrete/asphalt tends to have a little less give than a bouncy canvas mat.

And people need to remember that these trained fighters know all kinds of "dirty"/disabling tricks that they can't use in MMA competition.

I'm pretty certain they'd take great delight in showcasing them on some hapless, mysoginistic, no-neck schmo.

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