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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
A street fight isnt mma. Its actually VERY hard to slip a punch in a street fight. Best bet is to raise your arm and reach with your hand to your ear. Thats the most effective block of a punch in a street fight OR keeping your distance. That said Street fights are messy and are nothing like MMA fights. I train and iv had my share of fights. Only person who thinks they are similar are people who have not had much experience street fighting. A 180 pound guy would wreck Ronda... unless he is a serious *****. And if the 180 pound guy is athletic then Ronda will certainly not have a speed advantage. Guys are Faster,Stronger,More Durable then women are.
I have no doubt in my mind that my friend ryan who has no MMA training would beat down Ronda like she was a child. There are things technique cant overcome and gender is one of those things. Strength matters.

And iv been hit by women who have been training kickboxing for over 20 years over at AKA. Now im not saying they are as good as Ronda is but its likely that their striking is just as good or better then Rondas. Even though their kicks are incredibly powerfull and can catch me off guard sometimes a womens punch does not give off the impact like a males punch does. Their hands are alot smaller then a mans hand. It just does not hurt or daze you as much as a male punch does.
I'm going to try and make this as simple as I can. Untrained people do not have situational awareness, they will just throw a haymaker cos they think the fight will be over in 2 seconds, slipping punches is easier bareknuckle, blocking is riskier.

I'm not doubting anyones size or strength advantage I just seriously question your knowledge of Judo if you think she wouldn't take your mate down.

And i've sparred with girls that are incredibly hard to hit. If I am struggling at times with connecting when wearing 12 oz gloves then it's only common sense to say that Ronda can slip an untrained person's punch,

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