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Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post
My problem with Saints Row is that the city ******* sucks, so boring.
Exactly! San Andreas was a lot more interesting to explore then Stillwater.

The real major problem that I had with the game is earning respect to proceed to the next mission. It forces you to do these activities like Trail Blazer or Insurance Fraud. Why wouldn't taking over another gangs turf or killing gang members earn you a shit load of respect. Why would Insurance Fraud and spraying shit across the streets earn a lot of respect? Killing the leader of the Brotherhood, thats for pussies. Spraying shit on a building, now that is hardcore.

In GTA missions like Mayhem was just optional and could do it only if you wanted a break from the main mission. In Saints Row, this stuff is required to proceed to the next mission. In a way it just seemed to bog me down.

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