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Originally Posted by Killstarz View Post
When I watch Maia fight I always find myself feeling disappointed and somewhat frustrated with his performances in the Octagon.

This is a guy who has won god knows how many BJJ competitions and is for the most part considered one of, if not THE best bjj practitioner currently fighting in the UFC, yet he insists on ignoring the fact and continuously play the striking games, where lets face it, dispute his continued improvement, still sucks.

In last nights fight he ended up on the mat a few times and I was thinking 'ok, here we go' but he used his BJJ... TO STAND UP!!! I couldn't believe it. He was fighting a guy, who cut over 30lbs in 11 days and was viseably tired by the middle of round 2. If Maia had kept the fight on the floor, worked his positions and managed to put Weidman in some difficult positions I'm almost positive hold have got the W.

Maia looked terrible and worst of all he gassed. Imagine he had been fighting Bisping, a man who rarely, if ever gets tired in the cage. What an embarrassment that could have turned out to be.
I agree completely, he never posed a real threat to Weidman standing. I wonder if he trains so exclusively to stand up now he's lost faith in his ground game.
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