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Originally Posted by BrianRClover View Post
I've always been a fan of Bisping, however one night of Chael not being a complete douchebag doesn't erase years of it for me.

I've forever appreciated Chael's post fight interviews, he will usually tell you EXACTLY what happened to him. It's very annoying when guys talk about shots that made their legs go weak and say things like "I wasn't really hurt"... Chael will tell you how bad it hurt him, and apparently will go as far as to say he "might" have lost the fight. I give him all the credit in the world for this trait.

So what perplexes me is why he is such a F***ing asshole to Anderson Silva. Yes, I am an Anderson Silva die hard fan, but regardless of that fact. What exactly did this one man do that made him hate him so much? It certainly can't be based solely on the fact that Anderson beat him since all of his BS trash talk started before they even fought.

To be clear I'm actually okay with trash talk. I like Koscheck, and I like Bisping... but these guys will for the most part admit to hyping a fight. Chael has quoted hundreds of times that he never "hypes" fights... okay fine, so you really are just an asshole then? Jones and Evans have some serious trash talk going on, Evans and Rampage did as well... however there were obviously serious personal issues there... I don't see how it is possible that personal issues of such a magnitude arose to justify the things Sonnen says. I say this fully acknowledging that I'm not behind the scenes with these guys and we don't know. However, in my opinion. Calling someone a "fraud" repeatedly, a "sham of a person and a sham of a champion" is WAY over the line. I don't know what most of you do for a living, but just imagine someone you work with referring to you in such a way. The only difference here is Sonnen does it in front of millions, and he sleeps just fine at night afterwords... this is the embodyment of a lowlife!

Here is a preemptive strike on the "Chael's so much smarter than you and trolling you" BS. Chael is making things personal with a man, who in my opinion, will and SHOULD go down as one of the greatest of all time, an accolade Chael Sonnen will NEVER hold. I see absolutely no reason for it. It might sound like a ridiculous statement, but think about this for a second. If I called Canadian Phsyco, a member I greatly respect, a "low life sham of a person, a fraud, and a poor excuse for a human being", I would be banned from the forum, possibly forever. So again, how can anyone endorse a man doing it in front of millions of people on a regular basis? If you're saying to yourself right now 'well that's totally different!', you're absolutely right, it's 100 times worse!

If one day, many years after Anderson's retirement he comes out and says "I was in on it the whole time, Chael and I talked on the phone regularly and we sold out a soccer arena!"... then I will admit, I will digest every word I've ever said about Chael Sonnen. A very large part me hopes that is the case... but in the meantime Chael honestly strikes me as either racist or just incredibly biased against a certain fighting style or specific fighting group, and I'm sorry, but I just don't see a reason for that.

**holy smokes, I have a slow day at work and didn't realize how long that rant went on. I'm not sorry for anything I said, but I do apologize for the insanely long read!
I believe Nick Diaz said it right, being the "bad guy" makes you climb up the ladder way faster than being nice.

1st off, why should he care that people see it as an a-hole?
2nd, if this is the price to pay to have better money, basically becoming more popular, fighting the best in the business etc... I'd do it in an instant

what you fail to understand is that, in NO way, form or shape, Sonnen is the way he shows most of the time, imagine, would Dana actually hire someone so aggressive, unstable and potentially dangerous? It happened before (Junie Browning) that UFC hired complete nutjobs, I think lately, especially with his "rhymes", Sonnen made it clear that it was only an act.

and it works, he's getting the big fights, and he's getting paid way more than if he was just one another wrestler in the UFC roster
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