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Originally Posted by Shoegazer View Post
I was already sort of suspecting that Bisping was an under-the-radar top 5 MW before this fight, however I did not see him being able to win a round against Chael. So in that regard, he surprised me, yet I'm not too surprised overall. Watching the fight live, I suspected a judge or two might have seen Rd 1 for Bisping, mainly because of his TDD. The other two rounds were easy to score.

That said, in retrospect, Bisping did not win that fight, officially nor unofficially. When the judges, compustrike, and fightmetric all agree, it is what is. But it wasn't 30-27!

If Chael Sonnen officially calls you a badass, you wear that with pride, Mr. Bisping!
I'm confused, Round 2 was Bisping's most dominant for me, he took Rd 1 aswell (my opinion) but Rd 2 shouldn't be open for debate.
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