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Originally Posted by BrianRClover View Post
Your post is a little bizarre but I will say this. First of all Alpha Dog said it best...

Secondly, yes... 99.9% of WWE guys would lose a traditional MMA match against even a low teir pro MMA fighter. However the average "WWE Superstar" can kick the shit out 99.9% of the people walking the street.

Yes what they do is scripted. But most of those guys are there because they are such good athletes they can pull it off. What they do, while not acutally competitive is extremely difficult, and extremely grueling. The majority of them come from serious wrestling backgrounds, or legit martial arts backgrounds. At the worst, they are in fantastic shape, and have retain that constantly.

They are pro stuntment that work for 5-45 minutes at a time. Just because it's choreographed, don't let that fool you to how tough those guys are.

They're roided up strongmen freaks who land on wood for a living, I wouldn't want to fight one in a bar, thats for sure. Just taking the chance of getting hit by a 6'4 240 lbs dude on roids is begging for a coma. Theres nothing wrong with what those guys do though, they're only there to entertain their fans (or piss them off for the show). And they put their bodies at serious risk to do so, whats the shame in that?

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