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Its his wrestling that he really needs to work on so that he can take down wrestlers and use his BJJ. He also seriosly needs to work on his power/explosiveness/conditioning. Some of his shots were from waaaay out, there was no set up, his head was down and he was literally diving at the floor. You won't take down someone who has been wrestling a month with shots like that, let alone elite wrestlers. I loved watching Maia when he utilised his BJJ, but now he bores me. I get the fact he doesn't want to be on his back with the way judges score fights, in fact he was getting back to his feet really really well, so fair enough if he doesn't want to play bottom game, even though he has had tremendous success there previosly.

To conclude this ramble, he needs to keep working on his striking but more than anything else work on his offensive wrestling and his power. He would be so so dangerous if he had a good power double.
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