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Originally Posted by Ryan1522 View Post
So how do you explain him saying that he thought the fight could have gone Bisping's way without him being surprised?
Why would anyone have to explain this? Most people, including this 'most loyal of Sonnen fans', acknowledge that it was an exceptionally close fight that very well could have gone either way. I called it a draw myself, so I'm not certain what you're getting at. Either man could have taken this fight, and it wouldn't have been a robbery. When it's that close, it's that close.

If anything, it shows that Chael, in reality, is a humble human being who can tip his hat and pay respect when it's due. God forbid Bisping ever acknowledge that he was defeated. He pulled the same stint with Wanderlei, and he's even claimed he feels he beat Rashad. Hell, I'm surprised he hasn't claimed he feels he beat Dan Henderson.

The fight was razor thin, and I wouldn't have been upset if Mike had taken it. Chael is just acknowledging how close it truly was... so again, what's your point? He also said during the press conference that he felt he won, so it wasn't a case of him saying, 'They gave it to the wrong guy'.
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